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Thread: Regression to 3-4 years

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    Default Regression to 3-4 years

    It was fun but not at first, i wore up from a 2 Hour nap and i had one of my nightmares where mom Kept yelling at me for no reason but After that i Player the Sims which i have been Doing Since i was nine, well in the Dream Anyway this Time.

    I was very sad when i Woke up, my mom is in Hospital and has been in for 3 months. When she is just about to to Home, something Happens that Makes Her sick again. I am not sure if because i am scared of her coming Home and being nasty Or Having a apeletic seizure that i have Magic Powers that is preventing her from being able to come Home.

    Anyway back to the Story, i started Cooking my Dinner and whilst i was Waiting, i got out my wax crayons and one of my colouring Books and coloured in a Superhero, that was so fun, i Even made up a swedish Name for him. When i had Dinner, ist was Baker Beans and a Mini cheese Pizza. I drew a Smiley Face on my Pizza with Ketchup and put Some in my beans. It was so yummy in my Regressed State which wouldn,t be so Special in my normal State. My Smiley Face looked Funny. I finished colouring in my Superhero now. It Looks awesome! Well Anyway Gotta go, its Time to Blow Some bubbles!

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    The wax crayons made me remember when i was in the Kids Club Place my dad Built when i was 2-4 years Old and i remember lots of wax crayons. My Pizza reminded me when it was just my dad and my Brother and we all Used to draw Smiley Face on out Pizza,s with Ketchup.

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she gets better soon. It was very nice that you found some happiness with all that you're going thru. Hope you have many more happy times ahead.

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