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    I see that a lot of people hate hospital, thrift store and depends diapers. If you want to make these diapers more absorbent, add a goodnite tru fit disposable insert to it and wake up in the morning with a very swollen diaper. Seeing that a lot of diapers are going to cloth, you can occasionally find a plastic back Kendall brief in thrift stores. they don't absorb much but a goodnite tru fit insert does.
    I just purchased large Depends plastic back diaper and added the insert and woke up very wet. not one leak. enjoy!!!

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    Yep, they have been the best inserts I've tried. Just bought a few packs on clearance to stock back up. Noticed Amazon has them at a discounted price too. I hope they're not being discontinued because there is nothing else that compares.

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    Too bad they're on clearance in just about every store in my area.

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    Yes exactly you can turn a crappy diaper into a premium one with a proper stuffer, in between premium adult diaper order it's what I do.

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