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Thread: Abena L4 in UK, Tell me its not so!

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    Default Abena L4 in UK, Tell me its not so!

    Hola Folks

    So I've been a big fan of the plastic backed Abena L4 since the days when they were marketed as X-Plus, a truly great nappy.

    Anyway I was pondering ordering another few cartons of them from my usual supplier when I see the phrase "Stocks are limited, so don't wait!" on the ordering page?
    Does this mean they'll be dropping the product despite earlier claims that they'd be able to continue selling them.
    If so its hugely disappointing as there is simply nothing on the market to replace the Abena L4.


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    They still have the plastic backed ones on Amazon, Parentgiving, Northshore and Ebay.

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    Probably just that particular supplier running low, but dear lord I hope they aren't discontinuing them as they are my go to 24/7 diaper.

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    I certainly hope not. I haven't heard anything about them being discontinued. I got a delivery from Save Express a week or so ago.

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    Anyone know for sure on this?


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    I'm not sure about there but over here I know BUNZL the NZ and Aus distributors refuses to stock the good Abena's leaving us with only the crappy Premiums.

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