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Thread: Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

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    Default Who has tried the Rearz Seduction?

    I've been dreaming about a black diaper for awhile. I think it sounds amazing. Anybody tried these?

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    I would if they weren't so expensive. I guess maybe not that expensive, but to me it is xD I might as well try them, I've already payed more for Abu space, and I want to try the Pink Princess Diapees as well!

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    Yeah, shipping is one of the big things holding me back.

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    I want to try them so bad but it's going to have to wait for a bit. Trying to get money to pay for my wifes teeth to get done =/. Gonna cost over 6 grand by the time she is done.

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    6 Grand? was she using in the past?

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    They are amazing! not babyish at all, but sometimes I'm more DL than AB, so that's a good thing. I've tried to make mine or the Pink Princess (same diaper) leak, but so far they just get smelly after 12 hours and I give up. Ordering a case isn't cheap, but much cheaper per diaper than buying a single bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleakyboomboom View Post
    6 Grand? was she using in the past?
    meth will do that in a hurry, but really any major dental work costs a fortune. root canals, bridges, crowns...

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    Yeah I was thinking meth also.

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    When I had to have one crown done, it ran about $2500; so, I could easily see a root canal, 2 crowns being $6k
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    I tried one yesterday after my 6th wetting I ended up tapping out and changing before the diaper was full. These things hold a lot, they fit very similar to a Bambino Bellissimo and are very soft inside. As for the black it's fun for a change of pace but not something I would wear all the time.

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    About the dental work 6k is easy to get up to... I had 4 crowns that needed be put in because of deep cavities and it was 6k+

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