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Thread: Play-Doh is fun!

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    Default Play-Doh is fun!

    Recently I purchased 3 50-cent tubs of Play-Doh.
    it is soft and squishy and fun to play with.

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    oh man, I haven't thought about play-doh in quite some time.

    What did you make with it?!

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    I am still thinking about what to make with it.

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    I have a whole fabric drawer full of the stuff. I have been picky about mixing colors since I really was little. It drives me bonkers. The smell is intoxicating to me. I know that back in the mid 2000's they had a play-doh perfume, wish I could get my hands on that. I also have several of the playsets, I have Ducktales, the Hulk and a McDonalds one. Cookie cutters are also awesome for play-doh. Have so much fun with your new toy.

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