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Thread: Crayons, pencils or felt tips?

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    Default Crayons, pencils or felt tips?

    I need to get some new colouring stuff, so I need opinions, which do you prefer to colour with, crayons, pencils or felt tips?

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    I have been using color pencils as of late. The 50 count box of Crayola color pencils are very good.

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    For art, I tend to use either felt tip (prismacolor) or pastels.

    For doodling in the bath tub, I have some bath crayons I draw on the tiles with.

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    My wife bought me a couple of adult coloring books along with some good quality coloring pencils and felt tip pens. I actually like both of them. I use the colored pencils in one book and the felt tips in the other book.

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    I like crayons the best. I make sure to get the boxes with a sharpener in it because I like a nice point on my crayons. I do occasionally like colored pencils. Never really liked felt tip markers.

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    It depends on what I'm coloring, if it is an adult coloring book where the areas are little I use either colored pencils or fine tipped markers. These are the coloring books that I use at work. If I'm at home and using my fun coloring books of cartoons and Barbie and stuff then I use crayons. I have the huge crayola caddy. The smell alone is awesome let alone it's easier to use over the larger surfaces of regular coloring books.

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    i like color pencils i have this thing about coloring between the lines. before adult coloring book became all the rage i was taking kids ones and coloring in them. i have shelve of old one.

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    I like crayons lots especially the crayola ones they are really good. I also like pencils too. I got a bug jar and it is filled with bug pencils. They aren't really real bugs they are just bug patterns because I think bugs are cool even though people hate them. Anyway, yea I like pencils and crayons. If I was drawing a picture I'd probably use colouring pencils but if I was colouring in in a comic I'd probably use crayons. Also I don't like felt tips because they are messy and run out of colours too much. but one time my husband got me a colouring book and he got me some felt tips with it. So I used them to colour in and it was ok until I lost a lid and one of them dried up!

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