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Thread: Throwing away perfectly good diapers!

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    Default Throwing away perfectly good diapers!

    I have this habbit of buying diapers, using most of the pack and then throwing away the rest because I have this cycle of "want, get, satisfied, dont need, then want again" grrrr

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    Yes, it's called a binge-purge cycle. I believe many of us can relate. I have done it on occasion but, I've learned that my desire to wear will always return so I haven't thrown any unused diapers out for years now.

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    What Skeeter said. Binge-purge, not healthy, and really expensive.

    My suggestion, if wearing for a day or two satisfies you, then commit to wearing a few days more a couple of times (a week or two, I did two weeks straight), even though you don't want to. It kinda helps to get over the shame or uneasiness by just making it feel normal. If anything though, you should really force yourself to stop tossing them, this side of you is probably not going away, and it is really expensive to just toss out perfectly good diapers.

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    Just put them away for a while in a safe spot, no sense in tossing them when you're going to want them again.

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    I agree with Kimba - I think the best thing to do is just put the diapers away - deeper into your closet or whatever - and forget about them until you feel like wearing again. Much cheaper in the long run.

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    Never done that with diapers but i have tossed my bottles and pacifiers.

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    I've tossed my diapers a couple of times, I suppose in the hope that I was over it, that I could just move on with life and have normal interests. I also didn't want somebody to accidentally stumble across them, not that people ever snoop through my things, but if they did...

    But I agree, our hobby is excessively wastefull as it is, no need to get rid of perfectly good diapers. If nothing else you could always donate them to a diaper bank (if your area has one) or other charities who help underpriveliged populations.

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    Noonh ! What a waste

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    I do agree that keeping the nappies/diapers somewhere that could be visited again when that feeling comes back again. I go through times when I tell myself that I'm not going to go on any AB/DL sites (look at shopping site AB related) and think of and wear nappies/diapers etc. Than I just start back again.

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