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Thread: New Daddy Looking for Advice

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    Red face New Daddy Looking for Advice

    Hi! I am Tinkerbell... Tink for short. I made this account just a few moments ago but I have been associated with the ABDL community for neatly a decade now. I recently found the Love of my life and was married. My husband is a very gentle and caring man, and a wonderful Daddy. He is not so acquainted with the community and culture. Just like any spoiled princess I dont want to instruct him onhow he should conduct himself or what is expected of him.

    I have been absent from the online community for a few years now. However, when I was active I found the people involved generally very open, caring and willing to help if they could. My hope is that this still rings true. I need your help my kindred! Any advice, be it a link, or experience, maybe a how to be a daddy for beginners list. Even better yet, open up a dialog with he and I.

    It is a wonderful feeling that he has accepted me so completely. I look forward to the two of us making friends and growing as a couple!

    Blessed Be

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    It is wonderful, having a Daddy dom I got my big brother Paddy, who is my Dom.

    It hard as it not really our place to tell our Doms what to do. But there are way.

    The way I am with Paddy is to give lots and lots of prase when he treats me right. Lot of eye contact and smils. And I don't for get my please, and ThankQs

    But when I not treated right. Then I through a temper tantrum or a massive soak. No eye contact, stamping feet. And I make sure he know why, ok I might get time out for it. But it works.

    I am really confident around him as he doesn't mind me sucking my Pacifier in front of him and I have just been in my diaper in front of him and he ok with it.

    Being open with each other is key that and putting your trust in your Dom that they will alway have your best interest at heart.

    Hope this helps you


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    Welcome to the forum! We're happy you came to join the fun

    I don't have a lot of knowledge to give on the subject, but what I can recommend is that you should head over to the introduction forum and tell us more about yourself! I'm sure everyone here would like to get to know you more. We are a very tight-nit family here and want to take care of our own

    That is super cool that your husband is open minded, not many others can say the same unfortunately. He truly must be a blessing!

    Once again, welcome!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I think the roles are obvious in as much as he is the daddy and you are the child. Parent/child relationships should come relatively easy. Just have fun with it and know when you're tired of playing.

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    Thanks guys. I have always adored the positive energy in the ABDL community. I will get right on that intro post; I wasn't exactly sure where they went!
    Hope you all have a great evening!


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