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Thread: Diaper fitting?

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    Default Diaper fitting?

    Im a bit new to this whole babyfur thing but how does our tail fit into the diapers are there like little holes in the back of the diaper for our tails or something?

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    It's open to artistic interpretation. Some like to do a hole and another tape tab that goes above the tail, some just have a hole where it just miraculously fits through. I'm not an artist but it hasn't weighed on me too much.

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    One thing I've seen is a tail hole with a little tab or even button. I'm a husky so I know that I can't cram my curl through a tiny hole without some kind of help on the diaper's end :P

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    Another option is some sort of elastic, but a tab or button would probably work better.

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    i've always imagined it to be a hole in the back with a tab on the top with some kind of button to hold everything in place.

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    im not a fur myself but have you guys considered velcro? its cheap to get adhesive sided tabs to stick em on the back of the diaper. Im aware that some tails are non removable but for some it may help.

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