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Thread: I guess I have always been "Little".

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    Default I guess I have always been "Little".

    I apologize for dropping in this evening with a few thoughts about being an Adult Baby. I will admit, that all my life I have been immature and "Little". My late Mom who was mentally deranged never wanted me to grow up and be an adult in the first place. From 1978 to 2008 when she passed away, I really have not had much of an adult life. Yes, there was some employment occasionally. But, I never really became an "independent" adult until after she was gone. It is quite true that my late Mom infantilized me. At present, I really do live as an independent adult. But, I still spend a lot of time still playing with toys, much as I did when I was physically a child. I guess I never grew up. Yet, as a child, I was a grown up and mostly as a handicapped child with Autism and Cerebral Palsy, I had to fend for myself when my Dad was not around and off working. Baby Grown Up/Grown Up Baby, I guess I am both in the same body.

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    That's interesting because my friend Robert, you also has cerebral palsy. And is a DL, gets treated very much the same by his mum and dad, and he loves it.

    I must admit that I am a little bit jealous, as I would like to have a PDom That fusses over me in the same way.

    My muther fussed over me, also tryed to make arrangements with my brother for my care after she died. But had not talk them over with me. At that time I did not want anybody looking after me.

    And now if I was to find a PDom that wonted a Little, Little like me they would have there work cut out.

    But that going to be a thred I'm putting together "the trust of a little." It's not ready yet to be posted.

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    Something very nasty happened to me when I was 13. It made me act grown up. I've been acting 'grown up' ever since. Not sure I'll ever actually become grown up. That is how I feel. I think I'd rather be a grown up little girl than a little girl who grew up although course I'd rather the very nasty something that happened never actually did... and there is a part of me that does sometimes wish I could have been a little girl who grew up but that didn't happen.

    *sparkly hugs*

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