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    Default Good luck on Finals

    I just wanted to wish everyone good luck on their finals. I've had three finals over the last two days; American Government yesterday and Developmental Psychology and Intro to Sociology today. So for any college student going through finals or about to, good luck! To anyone who may be in high school, keep it up. Only a month to go!

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    Our public schools have started their SOL testing, standardized tests, and school won't be over until mid June. They changed a rule and junior high schools can now retest. I understand the retest is twice as hard as the first, so it probably won't accomplish anything.

    But good luck to all you test takers out there.

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    I've been counting down the things to do before I get my Bachelor's:
    2 (fairly easy) essays,
    a take home exam (so I got a good chance to get a 97,which I need to get an A in the class),
    and an in-class exam (need an 80 to get an A)... So just a few more things.

    It all ends next Wednesday, and then the ceremony is Friday (the 13th...spoooky!) and Saturday... I don't wanna think about it too much, but it's a good feeling to know I have finally accomplished something that will hopefully increase my chances to get a decent paying job for once.

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