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    Does anyone know where i could find a mommy. Im a bitn ew to this and could really used some guidance. I am a 4 year old (im really 19) looking for some place where i could find a mommy. If anyone could help me out that would be great preferably a place where i dont have to put a CC. It would be much appreciated.

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    Well, it is kinda hard to up and quickly find one, I know because I'm still trying (not trying as much as I could be though).

    Many suggest that going to fetlife is a good place to try, which I agree. If you find the site itself a bit distasteful, especially for your little side, I would suggest using chrome and installing adblock, that helps a lot. Then just start joining AB/DL groups, ask for friends, and start posting things. If you are gutsy you can post pictures of your little self on there and people usually end up liking them, which spreads to their friends, and helps get yourself out there. Be safe though, especially as a 19 year old, I know you are an adult, but just watch that your emotions don't drive you to take risks with people you don't know well.

    As for Adisc, since it is a support site, it isn't really meant for social networking, however if you are looking for just a casual internet only role play mommy, sometimes you can make good friends on here for that. I thought we had a role play forum but maybe we got rid of it... I know we used to have an adoption thread, at least for the babyfurs.

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    you could also check out the ABDL map and see if there are any mommy's in your area, as tyger mentioned though, Fetlife is a good place to start.

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