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    I know you guys probably don't care a ton but I just needed an outlet to express my frustrations for a minute since I can't tell anyone else. I live with three roommates and they are literally always here. I sometimes wear in my room but not super often as it's kind of a small house. I've had next weekend marked on my calendar for months now. All three of my roommates were going to be out of town. I was planning on having a super rejuvenating and relaxing diaper weekend. It was going to be amazing. I've actually never spent longer than about 16 hours straight in diapers so I was really looking forward to it. Turns out, one of my roommates decides that he doesn't need to go visit his family anymore and is going stick around town. I'm seriously so disappointed you guys. It has been my motivation for getting through these next couple of weeks of school.

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    Use these stressful feelings as motivation to do good in life, strive to be the best that you are no matter what, the pay off will be great, like getting your own place

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    Hold ur head up it will be ok. Food for thought;i opened up to some people about wanting 247 and that list includes doctors, lawyers and court. I have opened up to a few people of me feeling like a baby inside. Now that i have i am much happier and just remem your in charge of ur happyness. And focus on what u can control and try to do your best to deal with the stuff u cant control. Gives u a big hug. Hope u get ur chance to be padded soon. Huggles

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    What exactly do you think would happen if they found out that you wear diapers? Why are you so afraid of it?

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    Sorry to hear that, could you simply go to a local park diapered and just play on the swings or whatever. Go see a movie? Get outa the house and have some alone time, get rid of some stress.

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    You could rent a motel for the night. My college room mate and I did that one time because my mom didn't approve our our relationship. Some motels like Red Roof Inn are cheap.

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    I would say just try putting one on. Take a shower, leave water running when done it'll help mask the noise, dry off, put on diaper, put on clothes. Leave if you want, or not.

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    Sorry to hear that, how about wearing to bed? Get padded, get in bed early and watch netflix or something.

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    Very sorry to hear that!

    There is a lot of good advice already in the thread, but I will add emphasis to using these bummer feelings as motivation to do whatever you can to get out on your own. Work hard enough, advance in life far enough, and every weekend can be a diaper weekend!

    Also, I must say, depending on your situation, why not wear diapers under your clothes more often?

    I've often thought that if I were single, I'd find a roommate situation with other random people and just.. wear diapers. Respectfully and discreetly of course, but if anyone ever happened to see a diaper package in my room, who's to say I don't need them? But that's much easier said than done, of course.

    The quick fix is to create a few alibis and get a cheap hotel for the weekend.

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    That really sucks and I get not being able to wear diapers for a long time in a small house I am currently in this situation. I would like to wear every weekend and buy some diapers that I have been wanting to wear but I can't do that. The last time I had a chance to do that was back on the 4th of July weekend last year. It's just so frustrating.

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