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Thread: What do you do if you get stressed at work and you don't have your dom with you.

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    Default What do you do if you get stressed at work and you don't have your dom with you.


    I am such a baby.

    I am at work and can not get to Paddy, had a phone call that stressed me out. Don't won't to go into detail.

    But I need holding, I am crying at the moment. Can't even suck my Pacifier. I know I got to be a big boy and hold it to gether to I get home but it is hard.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for me.

    Please help

    Thanks Sisi

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    For me if I ever get stressed or depressed and can't regress then I do some breathing exercises which usually seem to help. I'm not sure if you're allowed to or not at your work but music helps me too, something nice a soothing for me I've started loving Jack Johnson or if you have any other kind of music that you like would be great too. Also if you have got your pacifier you could sneak into the toilets and stay there for a bit as you suck on it in a cubicle. Finally you could also think of good memories in the past that will make you smile and then think of anything that can happen in the future that will be fun like a littles meetup or something

    Don't be sad sisi because things will always get better, everything will be okay in the end and if it's not okay then it's not the end but it will come eventually

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    I work in a hotel and deal with a lot of rude people sometimes. which can cause me stress occasionally. What i have found can help, Is taking deep breaths. It has been proven that using deep breathing techniques releases endorphin's. It can help calm you down. It doesn't always work for me but its worth giving it a try.

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    Hi thank you.

    Paddy just Wock me up from my nap, becouse he won't me to sleep to night.
    He right big baby's need there sleep, just like real ones.

    And lots of hugs. He just making me some tea. And now I am having a good stuck.

    And working out what to do about a situation carmly. Paddy said that it ok it just something I need to go through and it will be better in the end.

    ThankQ a very one for you help,

    Getting stressed was interesting now I am catmint and can think about it, I went into a regress stat of what felt like a 2 to 3 year old that had follen over. I had a cry and soon forgot what I was doing was unable to focus, fugiy head, and shaky hands, also walking with an unsteady gait.

    I don't usually go this young on a conscious level becouse I have found it hard to come back up. I usually stay around the 4/5/6 year old becouse I can middle up when I have to do grown up stuff.

    So my default is very young, I am wondering how young I could go, but need people around me that know what I am doing an will be able to bring me back up.

    Don't won't to do this and end up hospital with infidelism wich is an mental disorder.

    I'm probably just rambling at the moment becouse my tummy say it time for tea. Hee, hee

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    When I am stressed at work I like singing to myself and if I have time I sneak to the rest rooms and suck my pacifier

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    sometime just touching my binky will settle me down and it always in my jumper pocket. if that doesn't do it i will slip to an out of the way place in the back and pop my binky in my mouth find my happy place and all is better. now you want to know what is a bad day lose my binky at work omgolly that has set me over the edge more than once. all i want to do is go home NOW.

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