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Thread: An idea for a symbol of ABDLs or diaper lovers

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    Default An idea for a symbol of ABDLs or diaper lovers

    I've recently just come up with a way for ABDLs and diaper lovers to identify each other. I got the idea from the hanky code concept and thought to myself what if we added sea foam green to hanky code and it became a color for the ABDLs or diaper lover community to identify with in hanky code. Yay or nay?

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    Please elaborate I'm older and have no clue what hanky code is.

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    Interesting, but for a long time there have been several designs to signify the Abdl community. There's the pink and blue heart with a diaper pin attached. There's also several other variations of that design which are quite a bit more obvious. Some members here have them as avatars/ profile signatures.

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    Oh my. The hanky code is overly complicated as it is (and mostly ignored, judging by the Chicago gay kink community -- you need a scorecard to keep track of what color means which interest).

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    I think the most widely accepted form of displaying ab/dl affiliation in public is a diaper pin somewhere on your person or bags.

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    I like that. Simple, unobtrusive but easy to understand for those in the know.

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    We already have the ABDL Pride Flag, the problem is finding something that is easy to identify but not a dead giveaway.

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    I am a lot more willing to wear a diaper pin in public than I am to wear a green hanky. I always keep a pin on my coat or keys. It is amazing how often someone gets a splinter and asks if I have a pin or needle handy. If I am it home I will run it through a flame first before letting anyone use it to sterilize it. Of course, a lot of guys carry a lighter, but I don't smoke. To me that seems like a great code. If you suspect somebody and are interested in them, ask if they have a pin or needle and see if they are carrying a colored tip. So maybe all of us should go buy a pack of diaper pins. You can get green and wear it on your right side if you want to be out there like with a hanky.

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    Hmm, don't really know - I am very concerned about what the grey mass of people would think about it, you know I don't want to explane this kind of flag to every second person I meet.

    Not very creative, but how about a stapled together diaper pins that look like the orbit of neutrons?
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    I would like to show this kind of interest to others, but I just don't like somehing that I have to explain every day and I think most people would think more about science related things than diapers.

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