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Thread: Bruised Esopagus

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    Default Bruised Esopagus

    Okay... seeing as i highly doubt anyone on here knows me personally I'll come out and say it. I've been bulimic for three years. Ever sense November I've been getting really bad heart burn at night. My whole body reacts to it. My joints feel tender, i get feaverish, and naueous.

    I went to see a specialist and they said I have a bruised espoagus... It's all my fault. It is starting to make me feel deppressed, It keeps me up at night. It is keeping me up now... i feel like throwing up everywhere... I also can't do spring track. I miss running so much

    If it doesnt improve ill need to get an upper GI done which is a little camera attached to a tube in my throat to inspect the damage.

    I just feel like total shit and I posted this to vent.

    Kkay rantiing over ^^; so.... how is everyone tonight?

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    Nah uh, sweetie. It doesn't work like that. You posted it, you get the heat.

    1) You idiot. I'm sure you know all this stuff already though, so I'll leave it at that.

    2) Esophagus, sweetie.

    3) So, do you know what you need to do in order to help it to improve?

    4) Fine, thank you for asking.

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    Every time you vomit you bring up some stomach acids as well which can burn the protective linings in your digestive tract. That's probably/could be why it hurts.

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    Seeing as my older sister went through anorexia/bulimia combined with some other problems for years, I can somewhat see where you're coming from. From my second hand experience of it, it's a pretty damn terrible thing to deal with.

    All I can really say to help is that it'll most likely get much better. Returning to the case of my sister, she is now problem free and has a very good life with her own family. Nobody would have suspected she was once forcefully admitted due to her illness when it was especially bad.

    So keep trying until you beat it, curiousitykitten. Also, don't be afraid to ask people around you for help. I know that many people find that hard in your situation, but if there's anything that really helps it's love and support.

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    Well Bulimia seems one of the worst things to do, because the constant vomit can really damage your insides as others have said. The only real thing you can do at this point is will power, good luck.

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    I know little about it. Just that quitting is a battle best fought with a good support system. Other than that I haven't a clue what you must go through. Get well soon hun.

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    Well, basically when you vomit, you throw up whatever you've eaten recently, and a large dose of diluted HCl(Hydrogen Chloride, which produces Hydrochloric Acid, which has a PH of about -7 upon oxidation)

    Well, as far as feeling better, I'd suggest firstly, stopping the throwing up(Logically) and if you can, eat pure honey ,when you start to get heartburn especially, as it has a coating effect in which will form a protective layer in your throat, and don't worry about it so much, stress causes people to regenerate slower than normal

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    I know what you feel like as far as the horrible heartburn goes. I have GERD, otherwise known as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, and it sucks! I'm on a drug called Prevacid, which is an acid reducer, and it works great. I've been on it now for like 13 or 14 years.

    The problem with tha acid getting onto your esophagus is that it does eat away at the lining, and it can cause what's called Barretts disease, which is a precursor to cancer, so it's not something to mess around with. I was going through a bottle of Tums every 3 or 4 days before I finally went to see a doctor about it. I had that upper GI est, but I don't remember any of it because thankfully, they knock you out for it.

    I hope your condition hasn't gotten that bad, and that you can succeed in kicking that habit. You'll feel much better afterwards both physically and mentally, knowing that you beat it. Good luck to you.

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    Mandy is probably going to freak out if she reads this.

    As for this thread goes, you should really stop. I realize that bulimia is like something that can be hard to quit when you stop (doesn't sound like it would be hard to stop), but you really should. Not only can you esophagus get damaged (like it has), but your hair is going to start falling out, your teeth are going to rot away (from the acid), etc. If you do it because you want to be thin, and you feel that you look thinner when you do it, then you need to see a psychologist before you do any more damage. If that's how you see yourself, then I believe you would have an (obvious) eating disorder, which can be helped with a doctor.

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    And just in case you didn't think everything everyone else mentioned is bad, wait until your teeth disintegrate in a decade or two because all the digestive juices ripping past them tore off all the enamel also.

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