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Thread: Has anyone ever done this? Driving in T-shirt and diaper

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    Default Has anyone ever done this? Driving in T-shirt and diaper

    Has anyone ever driven at night while wearing just a T-shirt and diaper? I've thought of doing this but I don't know if it's a good idea or not. I've planned it through and the diaper will be concealed with loose fitting basketball shorts that can easily be taken off once inside the car without removing your shoes. Has anyone ever tried something like this?
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    There's nothing wrong with that in my opinion. How would you react to getting pulled over by a cop/ or god forbid you had an accident... Then what? Something you have to consider.

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    That's why I'm pondering carefully about doing this. Even if this was to be done it would have to be a short distance and a non get down trip like ordering a drink or food at a drive thru.

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    Yes. I did once. I was in a Cushies and a Pampers t shirt but that was on my boat. Does that count?

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    Yep in my van and will be in my truck this summer

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    Metalheadtiffany, I'm happy your trying new things in regards to diapers. But we should be careful of our actions. Not everyone shares our love of diapers, and some are disgusted by it. Now to each their own, and there's is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves. We should just take care not to force our interest on others. That being said, I wish you fun and enjoyment, and the best of days.

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    I do this sometimes when I know that I will leak if I sit down. I drive home sitting in a bed pad with my pants pulled down.

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    i can think of maybe a handful of time i did that. it wasn't normal for me ever do, i did it because i had wet all my clothes and that's all i had to get home. my dadda at the time would just load me up and we would go straight home it wasn't about being a show off more about the need to be in something dry. today i always today carry extra bottoms AKA shorts to cover up. im sure my neighbor dont care to see me come into the house just in a diaper and blouse.

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    Technically a cop who stopped you could charge you with indecent exposure ( do not even try getting your pants on while being stopped it will probably involve getting shot or tasered) that said if your vehicle is working fine and you drive accordingly the risk is small, if you have a conversion van and you are far from home you can always claim that is your home temporarily and therefore a diaper and t-shirt is legal.

    So if you are carefull ,have fun , just be cognizant of the risk v's reward of doing such.

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