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    Default dia person

    I can't buy diapers what should I do

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    Well this sounds kinda different, but u can use towels and trach bags (ive heard people do it when low on cash or living with parents)

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    This may help you.

    It kind of works with a bath towel. I would recommend plastic pants over the top though.

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    It may help us to give you better information if you tell us why you can't buy diapers.

    Is it that you don't have the money, you are afraid your parents/housemates/roommates will find out, there are no stores near you, you can't order on-line, etc.

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    As was suggested, you can use some towels, along with go to the store and buy some diaper pins, those are easy to hide and would help hold the towels up.

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    I live with mom and dad

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    I feel like there is a story here. Perhaps some elaboration on your situation might help shed some light on how we can help you? Do you work? Is it money? Do you need advice on how to hide diapers? Help us out here.

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    So far we only have:

    "Dia person"

    "I can't buy diapers what should I do"


    "I live with mom and dad"

    If you would explain your whole situation to us, maybe we can help?

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    When young I would cut a trash bag into an hourglass shape with a towel in it, then just use a bunch of tape to get it all in place/ tight enough that I won't leak.

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    I am 13 almost 14 but I have yet to tell my parents that is why I need help

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