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Thread: Lingering Diaper Smell

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    Don't you just love that diaper smell that lingers on you after you have been in diapers for a while? I don't mean the smell of body function...but that unmistakable smell of the diaper itself. I love that sweet oder of the plastic and SAP from the diaper mixed with baby powder. It usually sticks with me for a while until a good shower

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    it's not very strong, but yep it is nice. (and the new avatar looks good too)

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    it is a nice smell, My favorite smell is when i open a brand new pack of diapers i stuff my face in them

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    Al the smells associated with incontinence are good to me.

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    I have a roll in shower but can not shower due to medical problem but it makes a great place to stack cases of diapers and store my Plastic pants ( no window, no light degradation ) and my diaper pail.

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