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Thread: How would you classify your level of incontinence?

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    Default How would you classify your level of incontinence?

    How would you classify your level of incontinence given these three options?

    Minor: Have fairly good urinary control and can almost always either hold it or make it to a bathroom in time. Don't always have to wear protection but it may generally be a good Idea, especially at certain times of the day. Also may have infrequent bedwetting.

    Moderate: Have only fair urinary control. This would include minor leaks and significant drips and drizzles after urination. Also includes some urge incontinence and night wetting that may or may not be controllable (i.e. able to wake up before peeing) to some degree. Would generally have to wear some form of protection 24/7.

    Severe: Have very little to no control of urinary function. Must wear significant protection 24/7.

    FYI... I'm definitely in the "Moderate" category due to my BPH, I pretty much patterned that description around my situation.

    Oh and sorry about the typos in the heading on the poll, I didn't have my glasses on when I typed that! Hopefully a moderator can fix that for me.
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    I have severe urge urinary incontinence - several out-of-control bladder emptyings each day.

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    Severe most definitely, I have no control whatsoever, and when I have an accident it's often huge, and requires the most absorbant nappy possible (plus tons of other protection...)

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    I have severe urinary incontinance. But the bowl side is going down hill but i couldnt be happier

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    Mine is minor, can hold during the day but do wet some nights depending on how much I drink up to the time I go to bed, but do love to wake up wet

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    Severe :/ can't control urine and can only sometimes control bowels

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    I voted minor as i only have to wear for bedwetting I am good throughout the daytime, I do have some urge incon but have not yet been unable to make it to a potty or at least the side of the road or behind a building.

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    I voted "minor" as my problem is mostly bedwetting (most nights). If I'm not paying attention in the daytime, I can suddenly realize I need to go "right now" (probably am not reading the warnings my body is giving me) and will pee some before I get to the toilet. I am padded at night, and if I am going to be out of reach of a restroom for a good while in the daytime (car or plane) I will wear protection then, too.

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    minor but i just got my Pull-up down in time but still spurted twice on the run to the bathroom

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    Well I voted moderate because I have heard issues and I leak and dribble a bunch after I pee I also have bedwetting issues that aren't every night I also have frequency issues as I write this I have wet my diaper 4 times in the past 2 hours the anxiety over where and when I have to pee has gotten worse since my vision loss I'm currently going through vision rehab right now and some of the other issues I deal with are the loss of that need to go feeling and the inability to hold it for much longer than 10 to 15 minutes. I pee about 2-3 times an hour on a bad day and once an hour on normal days. Si i m in diapers full time

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