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Thread: Dropped all of my classes except for one, and am starting to get that grade up.

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    Default Dropped all of my classes except for one, and am starting to get that grade up.

    Hello, Well as the thread says, I dropped all of my classes except for one, last friday and I am working on bringing that one up. I only had 3 classes to begin with, BTW. And I am going to work on ending the semester on a good note by studying for my tests and finals, Because I am so close to passing now, and if i do it will be my final semester next semester, and I hope to do it. Wish me luck!

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    Yeah, good luck. I think maybe this is the best way to go.

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    I had to slowly chip away at school. Did maybe two semesters full load and the rest was either part time or single classes. Do what you need to do. My GPA ended up a 3.98 at graduation but it took double the time. Usually I did one lab and one pure academic. Sometimes 3-4 labs. I dropped a couple after the first class if I knew I wasn't going to have a professional experience with a particular professor. If I'm the customer I want good service. I'm a good student because I forked out a bunch of money first, I intend to get that worth back.

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