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Thread: Cutest AB diaper in your opinion

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    Default Cutest AB diaper in your opinion

    Thinking about getting some AB diapers, which one do you think looks best ? Very subjective question obviously.

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    Aww So Cutes. But I really like the Space Diaper too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    Thinking about getting some AB diapers, which one do you think looks best ? Very subjective question obviously.
    (So you're looking for a premium disposable diaper that's not medical or strictly DL looking - cloth is a totally different ballgame)

    DC Amore's "kitten" or "Idyl" are both great and give you a "are you a boy or girl AB?" option. Neither are "strong" AB (kitten may be better) but they're OK. The idyl is a bit "bigger kid" imho.

    Three of bambino's line are good for AB, including their Teddy, Belissimo, and of course Classic (covered in BABY blocks! these diapers literally say "baby")

    I think I'd only count ABU's Cushies as a solidly AB diaper.

    AwwSoCute also has pink / blue teddy bear diapers that are fairly premium, but they don't have front/back elastic and fit pretty loose, if that's ok with you.

    Most of the remaining "fun" printed premium diapers are more "big kids diapers" - safari, space, crinklz, dinosaurs, little pawz, SDKs, etc

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    I like the tykables all over print and love my super dry kids old school pampers replica's

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    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	74 
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ID:	26134Cutest diaper- rearz princess! really thick and absorbant too!

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    I agree with Foxroxsox, I haven't got my order just yet, but the space diapers a fabulous. I'm more of a DL, but the space diaper's print doesn't feel exclusively baby which is why I'm so excited.

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    I like the ones with an all over print. Tykables, cushies and crinklz are my favorite ones that I have tried.

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    Cushies were actually a baby diaper -- so points for that.
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    just concerning disposables My favorites so far are the Bambino Billisimos. However in the cloth diaper realm and more specifically diaper covers/plastic pants. I really like what CTDC (Changing Times Diaper Company) offers. The cowboy and elephant prints are so cute!

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