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Thread: I need some advice

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    Unhappy I need some advice

    Lately, I've just been finding myself beginning to feel so overwhelmed. It is nearing the end of my first year of college, I am being forced to get an all-summer long job, I have been robbed recently, and I have alot of project deadlines coming up. Despite those things, this is what I am really here for. Lately both my friends and I have noticed the onset signs of depression in my day to day actions and behaviors. Every night so far my dreams have been plagued with aspects of loneliness, betrayal, sorrow, and rejection. Does anyone have any tips for improving one's mood.

    Note: I would try regressing and such, but due to financial issues, including that theft, I an unable to purchase more diapers without my parents noticing the obvious dent in what funds I have left.

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    Your doing one good thing by talking about it and try to talk to your friends more as well

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    Yea ur doing great. And ur not the only one that has those type of dreams. All i can say is to keep trucking and hold ur head up high. If u need to jack up the truck with some 40 inch mudders to push thru the rough patch (meaning look at the positives like u are still alive and u have a roof over ur head. Sometimes steppimg back to appreciate what small things that are good in our life. Huggles

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Your doing one good thing by talking about it and try to talk to your friends more as well
    He's right there. Don't let yourself get too stressed out. Finding a way to vent, to friends, on here, etc, can help wonders. Sometimes you just need someone who will listen to you. They don't even have to say anything, just let you talk through your own issues.

    That's actually the whole concept behind a version of therapy called client-centered, or sometimes "uh-huh," therapy. Speaking of which, since you're a university student you should have access to your university's counseling services. It's entirely up to you if you want to go, but I bet that they have helped many students struggling with financial and course related stress. Don't be afraid to consider the possibility. It's actually not all that uncommon for most people to experience mild depression or anxiety sometime in their life, the important thing is that in most cases it doesn't last.

    Aside from that, you could try some relaxation techniques on your own. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the only one I can remember by name off hand, but I'm sure there are others. Meditation, etc. Exercise also helps, even if it's a little each day. So does taking the time to give yourself a break and do something enjoyable.

    And finally, good luck on your finals. The end of the school year is always a busy time, but you'll make it. Things are always harder going through them, but it won't be so bad looking back.

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    I agree.

    You're doing the first big step and that is talking about it.

    The next step is to "move on". Yes there is pain and hurt, but you are at a cross roads where you can let the (%%&^ win and run you down, or you can take a breath and move forward from here and learn from the experience.

    Good job.

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    There has been plenty of great advice so far in this thread! I would also like to add that you are not alone. I'm going thru the same thing right now, and we will both see it again next finals too!

    Keep reaching out to your friends (I tend to sequester myself in times of stress), and take advantage of the university's mental health services. They have a lot of experience helping students thru this exact situation!

    Good luck on your finals! Study hard and kick some butt!

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    Like Moicano said, Check your school's mental health services! Along with helping you out with any sort of mental issues like depression, they can give you even more help with financial aid. And same as you and Moicano, I'm currently going through the stress that is freshman college finals. Honestly I've been mostly sticking around with my girlfriend for support since she finally finished her school and managed to skip finals.

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    It isn't for everyone but you could try meditation. I meditate when i'm feeling overwhelmed. It's a good way to clear your mind and i have found it makes it easier to make clearer choices. There are plenty of online meditation soundtracks as well as videos explaining how to properly do it for people who are new to meditation.

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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Turns on it might've just been due to my separation issues. What I mean by this is my mom facetimed me and I started feeling better. Kind of always had that insecurity issue, guess it was just getting out of hand.

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    I will also suggest getting professional help through the school. College is stressful by nature. We want you around.

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