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Thread: For those that like to be padded but dry

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    Lightbulb For those that like to be padded but dry

    For those that don't have access to diapers or can't risk wearing them cos of parents etc and like being padded:
    Something I have always liked to do (In bed) is to wear trackies/poo pants/whatever you call them and shove T-Shirt/s or any other soft material clothing down into the crotch. Try lying on your side, front and/or back. Such a nice feeling (I guess nothing beats wetting diapers but that can get a bit costly!!) and cheap (all you need is the stuffing and the pants)
    Anyone else ever tried this??
    I think I have enjoyed doing this since I was around 10.

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    Yes, that's what I did before being able to order diapers about three years ago. Since I was a teenager up until my mid-twenties I used to stuff my underwear or pants with other clothes or toilet paper to give the feeling of being diapered, I've never peed in them though, never really had that desire until wearing proper diapers.

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