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Thread: Bambino Magnifico release?

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    Default Bambino Magnifico release?

    Does anyone know when the Magnifico is coming out? Thinking about buying more diapers soon but will hold off if the Magnifico is imminent...

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    I want to know this, too. All I remember is them showing off the artwork, no mention of when it's going to be released. Really want to get my hands on that dino diaper.

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    I'm wondering as well. They don't do a great job of keeping us informed.

    I'm excited about it though. I've always wanted a fluffy thick diaper which can be refastened multiple times so I can just wear it in the evenings without wetting or whenever I want and be able to easily remove if I need to go out or something and feel like I'm wasting it/ruining the tapes. Who knows if it will live up to these expectations, but I hope so. Unless, of course anybody knows of something that already fits something like that?

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    Bambino tapes have never been very good. They can break and pop and don't stick well when moved. They'll usually hold if you don't overtighten them or move them though. So don't expect to be able to untape and retape them. But if you get the tapes proper without cranking them down, (people seem to have a problem with this with diapers that have good front and back elastic) you can pull them down and up like a pullup.

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