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Thread: Happy to be here!

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    Default Happy to be here!

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm a newbie, eager to learn. I recently spent a night with a guy and at one point he asked me, had I ever tried adult baby play? I'd never even thought about it, but I said I'd try it.

    It kind of blew my mind. It was so comforting, so soothing; I was hooked. Afterwards, as I read up on diapers and adult baby play (and ordered diapers and played more), it became clear this was something I wanted in my life.

    I'm active in Chicago's gay kink community.

    I'm a card-carrying member of American Coaster Enthusiasts, the 7,000 member club people who love roller coasters.

    I'm a Star Trek fan from way back; The Original Series will always be the first and best; Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation were also very good.

    In the world of comic books, Wonder Woman is my favorite, followed by Spider Woman, the Legion of Super Heroes and Fables.

    I bicycle pretty much everywhere I go, I love to cook (my roasted lemon garlic chicken is amazing) and I love to travel.

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    Hello BeamMeUPScotty and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    We have a "Foodie" group that I think you might be interested in. We have a Recipe sharing section that has become quit a nice cookbook.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Wow! That's a cool story. So, you had never even thought about wearing diapers until then, and then you were hooked? Good for you for being so open minded. Do you continue to wear diapers frequently?

    By the way, I'm a Trek fan too. Love the original series, and love the Reboot movies coming out now.

    And, a coaster fan too. Ever been to Cedar Point or Kings Island in Ohio?

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    I truly had not ever thought about wearing diapers, or adult baby play. I like to say I'll try anything once and most things twice but the baby play and diapers just really struck a chord in me.

    I wear diapers less often then I would like -- 3-4 nights a week; haven't built up the courage to wear to work, which I guess is a little weird since I've been wearing a chastity device to work since Wednesday :-) but I have worn in public. Actually, that first time, that guy and I rode a bus to a local kink-friendly bar and I was diapered, and that was really interesting.

    I consider Cedar Point to be my home park, even though I live in Chicago. And I love Kings Island. There are few things more perfect than riding The Beast at night. Other favorite parks include Kennywood, Canobie Lake and Waldameer.

    Happy to know someone who doesn't hate on the J J Abrams Star Trek movies. :-)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you! I'll check it out! I've got a pack of chicken thighs in the freezer that I'm trying to decide what to do with :-)

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I am also a fan of Star Trek. Actually I liked all of the series and the latest reboots. Yes, some where better than others but overall, I like them.

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    Welcome aboard. That was a great introduction.

    I've never quite gotten to the level of coaster enthusiast, but I do love a good one when I have the chance. I've got family within driving distance of Cedar Point, an hour or two away, so every now and then we make an escape to the park when I visit them. You're pretty lucky to have it as your home park!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeamMeUpScotty View Post
    ...The Next Generation were also very good...
    TNG is awesome!

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    Hi and welcome. I suspect there are a lot of Star Trek fans on this site, myself included. I also enjoy biking. I get out on my Trek, if that's the kind of biking you're talking about. I have a lot of friends who get out on their motorcycles. I guess it's a big world.

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    Welcome to the community!
    Along with that comes an early thanks for being an accepting and open person! It's not often you find a partner/friend who is willing to try something AB/DL related, so whoever it is you hooked up with is probably Stoked that you've given it a shot and enjoyed it!

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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    FaelanGalanti: I have a friend who lives about 20 minutes from Walt Disney World *and* as a former employee can always get us in for free.... knowing locals is a good thing!

    Christophuur: I was standing in his bedroom in just a wet diaper when he started talking about baby play. Just seemed like it would be silly to say no at the point. Glad I didn't :-) Actually, we're having another playdate on Wednesday. We've already discussed the numerous transgressions I've committed for which I need to be punished. :-)

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