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    One of my favourite things to do is tape myself into a disposable nappy and go for a walk in the woods and fields near my house. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this! However, if I'm out for a long time and particularly if I wet whilst out I sometimes have a bit of trouble with the nappy rubbing between my thighs which can get quite painful

    Does anyone have any tips for how to avoid/deal with this? Baby powder only seems to work for a little while...

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    Off-hand, I'd say that the easiest thing to do would be to wear underwear over the nappy, to provide a bit of padding. I've frequently worn boxers over a nappy for precisely that reason.

    The other option is simply to switch brands. Some nappies are thicker others, and therefore will be less comfortable to walk in. I've never had a chafing problem when walking long distances in a Tena Maxi, but I nearly always do if I walk any distance in an ABU Space/Little Pawz.

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    How about a Tena flex? I tried the Attends flex 10 which seems to be a cheaper version of the same. It attaches around your waist rather than your hips leaving you freer to walk. Probably isn't the best absorbency-wise but OK.

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    I've noticed that I chafe if I ware something with a narrow crotched diaper. But I've also noticed I chafe a lot less since I started losing weight. I was never fat, but my thighs would rub a bit when I walked. That plus a diaper caused chafing. Losing weight cured the chafing and made most diapers fit much better.

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