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Thread: Ex girlfriend and diaper use.

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    Default Ex girlfriend and diaper use.


    Some years ago my ex girlfriend left me, and I have not been having any contact with her at all.

    What I am wondering about is. We had been together for 5 years and I am a DL and also handicapped, and she have minor problems with walking, but did not have any bladder problems at all in the beginning of our relationship. In the beginning she sometimes used a diaper for to pleasure me, and this turned to be more and more. She always refused that she liked using diapers. But the last 2 years when we where together she almost used diapers every night, and almost every day. Sometimes 24/7. She turned a bed wetter, not every nights, but some mornings the diaper was wet without that she could remembering peeing. And if she used diapers by daytime, she had frequently accidents without any warnings, some times she couldn't tell when it had happened. She got diagnosed with overactive bladder, and got medication for it but didn't want to use it, when we where together. She used diapers instead.

    After she broke up we talked some weeks later and she talked about that she still used diapers sometimes. But now I have not talked or seen her in 2 years so I dont know anything about it now.

    So my question is. Have any of you had girlfriends who have become bed wetters etc. and have been able to be dry again. And If they not are DL do they still use diapers after breaking up, or do they just stop, and never use again, even if they have been using diapers 24/7 for years like mine ex?

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    Possibly not the answer you may wanted. My ex girlfriend was a bedwetter. I tried a diaper (my first after childhood) to show her, that there is no big deal waring a diaper. After some nights, the diaper thing continued and has become a regular ritual.
    After more than 10 years, our relationship broke. I never got the diapers away. I'm not incontinent or a bedwetter, but still a DL.
    I met her several times since then and she asked me about the diaper thing. Her bedwetting hasn't gone. And she was surprised, that i war the diapers even after our relationship.
    Unfortunately we are both married now. Both with a partner that does not like the diaper part.

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    Thanks for the response For me she can use or not use diapers, without that I have bad feelings about it. But I am curious about it. Since it become a so big deal in our relationship. She has changed so much in her personality that today she isn't a person I could get the same feelings about anymore, but as an DL it would be fun to know :P

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