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    Last summer, my boyfriend, myself, and some of our family had the good fortune of getting to take a private cruise on a boat to the Galapagos islands. What an amazing experience. Plenty to explore during the day but as you can imagine, uninhabited islands don't offer much to do at night. One night we were all drinking a little too much and when everyone else went to bed, my boyfriend's younger brother said he wanted to talk to me. The first thing he said was "So Kev, you wear diapers?". I had no idea that he knew. Obviously my boyfriend has always been aware of my bedwetting but I really didn't think he would have told his whole family. When Sean, the brother, confronted me with this, fortunately, I had had enough to drink to be comfortable talking about this. He told me that he found out the previous summer when we were all at a beach house together and he desperately needed a condom one night and thought he'd find one in my bag so he helped himself. Instead of finding a condom, he found a few diapers. He said he was afraid to talk to me about it then but as we got closer over the next year, he wanted to let me know that he struggled with bedwetting well into his teens. I was relieved and also excited to have someone to talk to face to face about bedwetting/diapers. I didn't tell him how I think that my embarrassment about being seen in diapers as a kid turned me into a DL as an adult but we did chat for hours exchanging embarrassing stories about sleepovers, leaky goodnites, class trips, etc. It really goes to show that when you're a bedwetter or DL and think you're alone, there could be someone close to you who understands! Can't wait for our next family vacation!

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    That turned out to not only be good experience, but gave you someone to share with. Incontinence isn't rare, but finding others and being able to share probably is.

    Going to the Galapagos Islands is even more amazing. I guess you got to see some rare and amazing animals?

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    Oh man! Trip of a lifetime! We saw so many cool animals. Boobie birds, tortoises, sea lions, penguins, frigates, iguanas, all of which are not afraid of humans! We also we snorkeling and got terrifyingly close to hammerhead sharks! Highly recommend that trip to any animal lover or nature freak!

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