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Thread: Looking for AB/DL Artists

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    Question Looking for AB/DL Artists

    I have a few scenes I can't get out of my head so I'm interested in commissioning some art. I have seen many, many artists over the years who do amazing work, so many that most of the names have slipped my mind. Can anyone recommend some good (read: talented/skilled) artists, regardless of if they take commissions or not? Ideally I would like more realistic styles (these are few and far between) with proficiency in human characters but really I just want to see your guys' favorite peeps. I'd like to compile a long list before I pick someone.

    I realise this kind of art is omnipresent, and not that hard to find, and I've delved into the usual suspects (deviantart, tumblr) and and got a few ideas. I'm just looking to reach out and pick your guys brains.

    It's possible that the artist I'm looking for might not specialize in AB/DL art as well, so any general kink artists would also be pretty great. Thanks guys!

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    I am very partial to Randy Queens art (Darkchylde comic) but have no idea if he actually does art any longer.

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    My favorite ABDL artists are furry artists.

    BabyStar/toddlergirl on FurAffinity, strawberryneko as well. Then there's Wen, they're good too... Oh, and circus-stunts, who is actually a Cushy-pen author as well!

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    Well, I really like the work of Tavi-Munk. He is the one that created my avatar.

    But I have to share that I ordered some other work from him over two years ago and paid for it up front and he has never completed it. Even so, I am really pleased with the work he did for my avatar as it really resonates with who I am. He is a very talented artist and has a gift of being able to personify a person through an artistic rendering.

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    I am quite fond of The Padded Room and SixoneSixone, though their styles are very mangaesque.
    For a more realistic style you could try Bojay or Palcomics, but I'm not sure if they take commissions any more.

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