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    Well I'm positive I'll have to move again. I thought I would ask. What would be a good place to move to economic standing and to a lesser standing as an ab/dl? I'm sitting on my money and still collecting.

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    What do you do for work? The best place for an I.T. professional probably isn't going to be the same as the best place for a factory worker, a longshoreman, or a cabbage farmer.

    Also might help to know what country you're in, and which ones you're willing to move to.

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    I'm in the States. I've honestly want something different for a profession. I'm working at a shift manager at my local Pizza Hut. It's really horrible mostly I think it from the underwhelming need to do the work. There really since to not be a need for me to be there. That's my personally thinking on the subject anyways.

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    Since you have management experience you may want to look into the hotel industry. Most hotel's will be willing to hire and train you if you have management experience, its not an easy job but you will get paid well. (currently working the front desk at a hotel)

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    Well, if you change professions, you can expect to start over. being a shift manager will look ok on an aplication, but if you go into another service industry, you can expect to start from the ground and have to work your way up.

    As I see it, your skills right now are in the service industry, so you would probably find more jobs in coastal cities, and other touristy, or affluent towns. the further north you are, the colder it gets, so the more concealing clothing you can wear to hide any ABDL thing you might have on. Seattle comes to mind. or Portland.

    Hotels would work, but I'd expect to start in their bar or restaurant and work up to manager in a few years, unless you want to get some collage in.

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    You could probably work anywhere in the service industry, especially with management history. What kind of climate are you looking for? Like Foxroxsox said, cold would be better for hiding ABDL clothing. And I totally agree with Seattle because they seem to be more accepting and liberal there. Being from Wisconsin, I never thought Seattle was very cold though. There's a few months out of the year that gets pretty hot and uncomfortable. I'm pretty partial to the area I live in Wisconsin. We have more job growth than the majority of the state, and the community isn't too big or too small for me. It's big enough that not everyone knows your business and small enough that people look out for you and are nice to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxroxsox View Post
    Well, if you change professions, you can expect to start over. being a shift manager will look ok on an aplication, but if you go into another service industry, you can expect to start from the ground and have to work your way up.
    If your first priority is to move and your second priority is to find gainful employment I'd say starting over may simply be a fact of life. Any given area will only have so many low-end chain restaurants that need shift managers and most of these places would probably prefer to promote internally anyway. If OP's move reduces his cost of living this may not be as big a drop in his net income as it seems though. In general, I'm a fan of not picking the best, highest-paying position you can find but instead picking the best company you can find a job with. You may not have the most money coming in at first but a well-managed company is going to recognize and develop talent. That means if you have the chops to make something more of yourself (and the fact he's currently in a management position suggests that at the very least OP isn't chopped liver) you're in an environment that's going to help you better your position over time. Look at Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For. I doubt that OP's Pizza Hut management experience is going to get him an interview with Google or Genentech, but Publix, QuikTrip, and Whole Foods are companies that hire low and no-skill workers. Among a few others on the list.

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    Colder areas would be nice. I'm not really a people person. People bug me after awhile. I find it hard to sympathies with others. I try to help, but I can't pull my heart into it. College is something I completely given up on. I tried four times without getting anywhere.

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