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Thread: hats and bonnets

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    Default hats and bonnets

    do any of you like to ware hats are caps

    I was wondering if there is a link to baby wearing bonnets are baby caps, and if baby wear them a lot when they younger and as they get older they have more of a tendency to ware a hat are a cap when they grow up.

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    I don't like hats in general, so that may prejudice me somewhat. I know that babies still wear hats and caps and such but bonnets seem to me to be largely a relic of the past and I only see them with ABDLs older than me or referenced ironically. Sailor suits are also pretty out of general baby fashion but bonnets are dead to me.

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    Hate put anything on my head from my military time. I can put something only when is really cold weather.

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    Until I wear one in "little mode", I cannot say if I'll like it. They don't look all that appealing to me, anyway.

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    I've never liked wearing hats; always made my head feel itchy. Also, I don't like bonnets at all...I feel like those are just outdated and before my time.

    But i have been tempted to get a crown. =3
    Me and my coworkers have gone to burger king on our lunch break, and after wearing the crown for the rest of the day, i really want one of my own.

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    I used to wear hats all the time and now I don't. I'll still wear hats but every once in a blue moon and as far as bonnets go I do not like them on bit.

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    I don't wear hats but several of my coats have hoodies which is what I'll put up if it's raining or snowing.

    I remember my dad leaving for work wearing a Fedora as his generation did, but it turned me off to hats except the occasional baseball cap.

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    Me I wear a two different hats almost all the time. #1 A truckers cap with an four leaf clover on it. #2 A hard white cowboy hat. I unfortunately don't have a bonnet, but I would try one to see if I liked it.

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