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    Cool swings and slids

    hi everyone.

    Yesterday I had a friend over to play. who is another little.

    when was getting dark we went to the local park and played on the on the swings and slides, and on a play castle, playing hide and seek.
    such good fun. just two Littles being our self's.

    just wondering when was the last time your Dom/caregiver toke you to the park to play on the swings?

    or you was allowed to be your self in public and play?

    I feel so good to day because of it.


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    I've played on a few playgrounds oddly with people my age who where not littles and don't know about littles. XD //It helps that in my area there are some playgrounds in the woods that depending on the time of year are completely unused with no people around.

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    I still love swinging on a swing, though now I usually have to resort to doing that with one of the grandchildren. Thank goodness for grandchildren because the give legitimacy to letting us adults play like kids again.

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    It was lots of fun and I even fitted into the baby swings without getting stuck!! The zip lines were my favourite!

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    i was just down and southern california with my bestie we meet up with his mommy how was down their on work. she asked us if we want to got to a nearby park, she saw. me i was ready but mikey he was scared not very open about who he is especially in a public place. it was a new park in a local subdivision. awesome swings and bouncy fingerings it was early sunday so we were the only one there. him mommy watch over us we got a good hour in before she told us it was time to go. it was the first time i saw mikey just let loose in a public place. he inner child was out all day after that it was the best. i even think he may have push his mommy a little with it she is always tell me to tone it down. first time i ever heard her say something like that to mikey. so if you have a chance go with a freind !!!!!!!!! let your child out but don't cause trouble with other there. be kind not everyone understand.

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    I've played in parks with my cousins if we were on holiday but it's been a few years since that last happened and never with someone who was either a little like me or a caregiver since I've never had one but maybe one day I'll be able to

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    Swings and slides are Awsome!

    I don't have kids, my ex GF did, but she is ex!

    Still have the whole play set and trampoline in the yard!

    Yesterday, some friends stopped by to see me, now that I'm back home! Thier kids went out and played...

    My brother has young kids it gets used occiosinally, althought not for quite some time, as I've been indisposed and haven't had any music clients over for quite awhile...

    Some of my clients would bring whole family for week-month to cut a record, and they'd have kids sometime...

    Right now im still confined to bed pretty much for another week or two depending on next visit to dr....and hopefully on the 23'rd I get my halo brace off and can start doing a bit more...

    Don't know if I'll ever be on trampline, but swings sure!

    I can't get into any sorta little space yet, but only been home since Monday, and hospital and rehab home isn't codusive to little time

    Maybe after outa bed, and off the cath, I'll feel much better!

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    I haven't been on a swing or slide since the last time in high school we went to a nearby park!

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