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Thread: Pampers vs. Huggies?

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    Default Pampers vs. Huggies?

    Which one is better pampers or huggies?
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    baby dry vs snug and dry - huggies are better in some ways, but smaller rise so pampers fit more adults. huggies sides don't over stretch like pampers tho.

    huggies makes goodnights which are bigger than pampers underjams, however underjams are way softer and more absorbent.

    pullups vs easy ups, easy ups are way softer and like underjams more absorbent by like a 10 fold of pullups.

    So at the end of the day both are good, if you can fit them. //or i guess some people use them as stuffers(would recomend using the over night ones like huggies over nights and pampers extra protecton(pampers + in UK)) for stuffing.

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    Pampers smell amazing (huggies don't really smell like anything), huggies absorb better. Also, if you are the size of human that they actually are designed for, I have been lead to believe that the huggies do a better job at form fitting to prevent leaks.

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    I wear seni squatro. And they hold bout 86 ounces. And in my other posts i had said they hold 96oz and i am sorry i will be fixing

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    There's really no "better", but more "preferred differences".

    Overall, I'd say it depends. For baby diapers, Pampers are better IMO. They can stretch more and are scented (kinda like baby powder).
    However, Goodnites are better than Underjams. Goodnites fit better to the point that they also perform better and can hold more without leaking. However if there were an Underjam that were the size of and/or had the sides of an L/XL Goodnite, Underjams would be MUCH better.

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    I use pampers which are good but I really want to try Huggies, I can't find any in England though

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBelle View Post
    I use pampers which are good but I really want to try Huggies, I can't find any in England though
    I'm in the same situation I really want to try the huggies little movers and have found somewhere in the uk who sells them

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    As underwear stuffers I prefer Huggies. Pampers leak on me a lot. (I do, however, find that Luvs, which are the cheaper option made by the same parent company as Pampers, are better than their pricier counterpart.)

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    It depends on the variation of Huggies but, I find that Little Movers hold an incredible amount. Pampers tend to leak A LOT, Luvs which are made by P&G also are much better diapers and cheaper.

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    For what and who they are intended for. We used Pampers on our kids.

    They fit better, stayed on, and did not have as much issues with them as Huggies.

    The Huggies samples we got leaked, and they did not "breath" very well, so the kids had sweet wrinkles or diaper rash.

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