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    Hello fellow DLs and ABs,

    I bought some high waist Plastic Pants ( Several months ago.
    They've been good but a month or two ago the waistband started feeling scratchy.
    It doesn't matter how I wear them, right way or inside out (I think the right way is were the plastic is folded over the waistband faces in).
    I can't put them through the wash because I live with my parents.
    (I might wash them when they go overseas,)
    How can I fix them so they don't feel scratchy?

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    Most plastic pants will do that over time. Contact with body fluids (sweat urine etc) and creams and lotions will harden the plastic. If mine get soiled in any way I always make sure they are rinced out as soon as possible in warm water. If you dont mind paying the difference look for euroflex plastic pants. They last a lot longer and have a slight rubbery feel to them.

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    Plastic pants, in my personal experience, have been hard to maintain and don't last very long. I've tried ordering from many different sites, but any plastic pants that are worn daily will age poorly. The ones that you wash often will crumble, and the ones you don't wash often will crumble. Certain diaper creams will ruin them, as will just being active while wearing them.

    I enjoy Plastic Pants, but I spread out my use of them at this point. After going through about 40 pairs, I've calmed down with the daily use.

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    I guess I'll get new ones, i don't use creams but must be regular usse ( every 2nd or 3rd night and occasionally during the day)

    Also I remembered I ordered them from physiosupplies and there a PUL pants.

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    I agree that all plastic pants begin to harden over time. I've stretched my duration by rinsing them thoroughly in the shower each time I wear them, but I don't use any soap on them, just water. Almost all soap is made from some sort of petroleum product, and that hardens and cracks plastic pants in short duration. I hold the plastic pants up against the spray and I'm careful to make sure the elastic on the legs and the waist get sprayed well.

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    Also a Cautionary note on Euro flex, if you are an insulin Dependent Diabetic do not get them, something between Euroflex and our urine ,will ruin them quicker than taking Plastic pants, smearing a thick layer of Vaseline on them and letting them bake in the sun till destroyed.

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