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Thread: I Had Forgotten Just How Bad They Are

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    Default I Had Forgotten Just How Bad They Are

    The other day at goodwill, I happened across an unopened bag of Depends with tabs briefs in the plastic. It had been a long time since I used them, they were cheap, and I knew from on here that they are phasing out plastic. So I bought them.

    The fit is pretty good honestly. But man, I can't believe how much I loved those back in the day when I was hiding and couldn't order online. It's like wearing not a lot more than regular briefs. Totally undetectable on the one hand - but virtually no bulk between the legs which is the fun part for me.

    Worst of the worst is how they absorb...or not. I leaked straight away. I had become so accustomed to high quality mail order diapers that I had forgotten that with depends, you can't just empty your bladder and expect it all to stay in the diaper. No, you have to meter it out! And don't even think about a second wetting! Thanks but no thanks Depend, I'll stick with quality brands. Essentially everything sold by companies like XP or Northshore are superior. And now I'm done.

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    Because of another poster here on Adisc, I found myself looking through a Goodwill for some rare brands of diapers. How they end up there is depressing and morbid usually, but it still doesn't change the fact that there are all kinds of different caregivers that order and buy a wide array of adult diapers from a vast selection of pharmacies and websites.. And whatever diapers don't get used usually end up at Goodwill, if not a church or an old folks home. I've read stories about people finding top shelf premium diapers for $6 a bag, and I've even recently read about a poster finding Rearz Safari diapers on the shelf.. Mind blowing. Not to mention, people have found vintage adult diapers too, which is a love of mine as well.

    Any way, I ended up finding and purchasing a clear bag of blue, plastic-backed diapers. There were many other kinds, but they were all cloth backed and cheap. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that these were hospital generic, because when I tried them out, they were nothing more than a plastic sheet, laden with a thin cheap pad, complete with unusable tapes. They don't keep me dry and they only stay on with duct tape. Bummer.

    Either way, the journey continues and they were only $6.

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    Lmao as soon as I read the thread title my first thought was "this must be about depends..."

    Lo and behold the trash bag with cotton swab stuffing strikes disappointment once again.

    It was my first adult diaper and I even knew then they were crap. Now I wouldn't even bother looking at them.

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    Amazed anyone would ever buy a second packet of Depends even if they were $1.

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    We do what we think we must when the mood strikes us.. even when it is a crappy idea..

    I have had a similar instance with finding higher quality products at thrift shops.. unfortunately they were the absorbant underwear.. up side is that they were 2 packs of wellness brand and 2 packs of abenas.. not too terrible for underwear but definitely not the absorbancy level of some diapers.. (probably still beats depends though) all packs were between $5-$6 each..

    I feel fairly lucky that the area I am in has a decent selection of thrift shops.. I even found a goodwill donation center/warehouse that has a storefront.. I keep meaning to check it out but I am usually on my way to somewhere else (usually a gunshow at the fairgrounds) and more than likely running behind from when I am supposed to be meeting people... I always enjoy the hunt though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post
    Amazed anyone would ever buy a second packet of Depends even if they were $1.
    I've bought lots of bags of Depends Fitted Maximum Protection/Depends Protection with Tabs even with far better diapers in my closet. They filled a decent niche for me of minimum functionality with kink enjoyment. I'm not sure what people who were meaningfully incontinent would want with them but for me, they were a good, cheap product for enjoyment and I will miss them. I can move up to something slightly more expensive and better but they met my needs as they were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I'm not sure what people who were meaningfully incontinent would want with them
    if the person still has some control, depends are plenty adequate for stopping slow leaks. The absorbency is surprisingly high if you go slow. Even for someone who's totally incontinent they'd work fine as a filler diaper; something to wear if you want to be able to put on a clean diaper an hour from now but have to change your current one immediately.

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    If they were good they would have been opened and used and therefor not available for an " impulse purchase" no offense but there is a sucker shopper there everyday.

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    That's terrible logic considering that most diapers end up in thrift stores because the person who was being cared for and needed them died (or possibly got better?).

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    Though there's certainly going to be a chunk of them getting donated by family when clearing out an estate, there's also going to be a good chunk from survivors. I know my grandmother had to wear diapers for a few weeks after getting home from the hospital - she'd been hospitalized for a few months and had been catheterized the whole time and after having that removed there was a lot of dribble while her body worked on getting the seals tight again. Some people will just throw them away, but when it's a pack of 20 and you've only used 1-2, or you also have an unopened bag or two left, that's perfectly fair game for goodwill.

    I wouldn't want to try to guess at the ratio of estate vs survivors.

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