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Thread: Wearing to a job interview :|

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    Default Wearing to a job interview :|

    I might be a bit crazy here, but I have the thought of wearing to a job interview. It would be Abena M4s, so no baby prints or multi-color objects on them.

    I've already put on my dress pants, undershirt and dress shirt on and I couldn't tell that I was wearing. The pants are loose on me a bit.

    Most likely I'll not do it out of nervousness, if i did it would only add to the nervousness from having the interview.

    Have you worn to an interview?

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    Nope. I would not recommend doing this.

    You probably could get away with it and have it not effect anything, but when it comes to a job interview, it's best not to take that kind of risk. Plus, then you'll be focusing far more on the diaper and making sure you the employer doesn't notice, and while you could be successful in getting away with it, the energy you spent worrying about it and hiding it could've gone into improving how you'd actually do during the job interview, which could cost you the job and they wouldn't even be think about what you're wearing or ABDL for a second.

    It's best to just focus on the interview and save wearing for when you're done with the interview and can relax at home.

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    No. Apart from the fact that it's a distraction from what you're supposed to be focused on, and it may have a noticeable impact on your demeanour - making you even more tense and nervous than you already are - it's also profoundly unprofessional to bring your personal quirks into the workplace right from the get-go. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's realistic to expect a person to be perfectly professional in every way at every moment of the day - you may as well be a robot - but you usually don't get the latitude to let little things slide until you have demonstrated your competence and reliability. Certainly you don't get the latitude to have major quirks until you have proven yourself valuable. You haven't even got the job yet, so you should be focused on not only appearing as professional as possible, but thinking in professional terms.

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    If you were wearing 24/7, even if not out of need but merely as a choice, I'd consider saying yes because it's going to be part of who you are including at work. If it's not something you do all the time though, a job interview is one of the worst places to make yourself feel extra uncomfortable, nervous, or excited because it's already very high stress.

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    I've worn my nappies to interviews without any problem. I don''t have a choice it's either a nappy or wet pants which would be much ,more embarrassing.

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    I would advise against it, unless its out of need, for medical reasons. Echoing what other people have said, a job is far more important than wearing one day. You being nervous about the interview, and making your diaper not be seen could send up a red flag for you. It may make the interviewer think you have bigger things to hide than just a diaper. You can always distress after the interview.

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    I would wear one because wearing in private or public de-stresses me. But that is a choice you have to make for yourself.

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    I thought about this while falling asleep last night, and I will NOT be wearing.

    Thank you everyone for the input.

    I do wear 24/6 (no not 7, I take a break for a day). I'll remove the one that I'm wearing before getting dressed for it.

    The interview is in 4 hours and I'm already sweating, shaking and have tunnel vision. This is going to suck.

    I sweat bad enough, when I'm nervous, that I'm thinking about taping GoodNite inserts to my shirt armpits

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    I'm a big believer in that it's really no big deal to wear a diaper.. to anything really. But there are two school of thought that I go to on this.

    When it comes to careers, I've always believed that - when at work, focus on nothing but work. This includes setting aside your hobbies, relationships, your weekend, and even your diapers, if you must. Having focus and diligence for the hours you are at your job will make you a good worker, which in most cases means you will move up in your field and thus, your life. Moving up in life will make a lot more things possible for all of the things your set aside while you are at your job; More resources for hobbies, being able to move forward with your relationships, do more on the weekends, and of course, expand your exploration of your fetish. But if you let other things get in the way, especially in the beginning, you may not find yourself to be as lucky.

    With that said, is it really that big of a deal to wear a diaper privately and discreetly? No. Look, here at Adisc, we are a support community. Most of us are will advise against anything that might complicate your life. We all have had our share of complications with being a diaper lover, adult baby, or both, so we will always suggest to keep diapers out of the more important or serious situations. This would be the same thing if you came here off topic, and expressed wanting to wear / do something in a job interview that others competing for your position would not do, and possibly have this advantage over you. Basically, we all just want you to get the job, but that doesn't necessarily means that wearing diapers to situations like these is 'wrong'.

    Without coming here, I'm sure you could have still worn your M4, gotten the job, and succeeded, but only you know your level of focus and diligence. I wear diapers on the job and it's never been a problem, so as long as you feel that your AB/DL side won't interfere with being a good worker, a comfortable person to work with, or isolates you in any way both mentally and physically, then there is nothing wrong. Just always remember to be discreet, smart, and respectful. In some situations that is possible, in others it isn't, so you be the judge of that and on whether or not any of these situations will hinder the ultimate priority: your job and career. Remember, career (and your spouse & kids if you have them, but the career usually works in tandem if you are the provider) comes first so that you can succeed in all things in life.

    Good luck on the interview! Keep us posted.


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    I haven't and probably wouldn't with dress pants as I'm conscious of the rustle. A onesie takes this down to acceptable levels but I doubt I'd want to go to the extra trouble unless I was really keen on maintaining my personal wearing record. It's no longer a distraction, which to me is the most important concern, so it's just conditional.

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