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Thread: No public bathrooms in Downtown Boston to change a disabled adult's diaper...

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    Default No public bathrooms in Downtown Boston to change a disabled adult's diaper...

    Downtown Boston is hell for us totally incontinent disabled adults - No Public Bathrooms...

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    Hey Caitianx go to the Coloplast website they have an app that you tell it where you are, and it reveals all the bathrooms. If you find one not listed you can add it , you can also update the app on maintenance and cleanliness of the bathroom ,create a personal favorites list and also mark the locations of any unnoticed special access bathrooms for the disabled.

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    Also forgot to add the Coloplast app works on phones and phablets and is usefully any place on the globe that has buildings, although if your in certain places in Syria the building with the bathroom may have been bombed into the ground the day before! LOL
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    Boston South station Train and bus stations have public bathrooms. North Station train station has them . City Hall. Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market. Any hotel downtown has public bathrooms. Boston Public Library . Mass General Hospital is stones throw walk . Logan Airport . Any Legal Seafoods has public bathrooms just walk in and head straight to the bathroom they wont know the difference. The Bookstores downtown that have cafes must have bathrooms due to food code. If they refuse you can sue them in Massachusetts District court for discrimination Massachusetts has good laws on that and you will win hands down . Any Medical office in downtown Boston has them also. State offices also and there are plenty downtown Boston.
    Hope this helps

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    I don't recall seeing any "public bathrooms" in either of our nearby downtown cities. When I worked retail in one of them, we had customers coming in periodically to use our bathroom. You just had to pick a store and go in and see if they had one for the public. I just assumed this was normal, though in retrospect I suppose a large, properly ADA compliant public bathroom would have been nice ot have downtown. I don't think you could find a store bathroom anywhere in either downtown that you could get a wheelchair into.

    You'll have to bring this up with the city council I suppose.

    Also, some customers are complete retards. We had a water leak in our basement from the plumbing next door due to some idiot customer next door changing their baby's diaper AND FLUSHING IT. Took them a few hours to drill it out with an auger bit, cost the neighboring store about $300. They were considering closing that restroom to the public as a result. There were even signs on the door saying don't try to flush a pad or a diaper. (the store was a housewares knicknacks so many of the customers were moms with strollers in tow, and this was not their first encounter with a diaper plugging a toilet, this one just happened to make it almost to the street before lodging in the pipe)

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    Bambino If you are in a city check out the Library or Public transportation hubs IE Greyhound, Amtrak places like Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC . Airports. Hotels will have bathrooms and they care less what you are doing there unless they are some snobby hotelier. Hospitals or doctors offices or shopping malls.. Plenty of public restrooms out there to use I see a non issue here. Remember ADA if you are in the USA it will protect you and will be a nightmare for a business who refuses a handicapped person from using a restroom .

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    Edit Boston is my favorite US Town to visit I know that city like the back of my hand. However every large US City has restrooms dont worry.

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