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Thread: I Need Help! Finding New Diapers!

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    Default I Need Help! Finding New Diapers!

    As of late, I've been diaper shopping at the ABDLFactory site. While there is a fantastic selection, I am having trouble coming to a final decision. At the moment my metaphorical shopping cart includes
    • ABU Space Diapers
    • Tena Slip Maxi (if they're still any good)
    • Forma care slip x-plus
    • Molicare super plus
    • MaiMed IncoSlips
    • And even though my main concern is Discreetness I'm also really interested in the Rearz Inspire+ InControl for my long nights of computer HW and gaming.

    I am a bit a bit concerned on how discreet the space diapers are and the fact they're so expensive, but they're still on the top of my list along with the inspire+. But if you do have any other recommendations for me, list em' pretty please!

    PS: Sorry if my writing got a little mixed up or confusing in advance.

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    Dry 24/7 is pretty good. a lot better then molicare super plus IMHO.

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    You've got a number of really good diapers on there, but I can't make your desire for discretion jibe with most of the diapers on your list. That said, I wear Dry 24/7 and Northshore Supremes out of the house all the time and I'm convinced no one can tell. No matter what bulges you think you have, in order to notice them and actually imagine what they could be, someone would have to know how you look without a diaper on. Not likely.

    For a discreet diaper, the Molicare Super Plus is hard to beat. They're quiet under clothes, they're thin, and wick as well as any diaper out there. For absolute tops in absorbency, you're going to have a hard time beating the Space Diapers. But they are about as un-discreet as a diaper can get. They're downright puffy.

    I'd also like to add the Tena Stretch Super to the list. It's not as absorbent as even the Molicare Super Plus, but they hold a pretty good amount, fit well, are discreet, and can actually be pulled up and down, thanks to the elastic belt. Honestly, it's a good diaper.


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    I just noticed how discreet tykables are. I wore one around my family for quite a while today and no one noticed. I was even wearing tight jeans and I wouldn't have known if I didn't put my diaper on.

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    I just tried seni quatro from xp medical and they are semi quiet (clothbacked) and hold roughly 86 fluid ounces
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    Molicare are about the most discrete on your list. The ABU Space are the least discrete, followed very closely by the Inspire+. Seriously, those two are as far from discrete as you can get.

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    ABU Space are the opposite of discreet.... IMO they should be on the top of your list though.

    Tena Slip IMO are a cheap knock off from what they used to be.... Avoid unless you can get a guarantee they are made in Europe.

    Molicare are hit and miss and fit funny as far as I am concerned.

    Tykables would probably be better.

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    I'll definitely be looking into tykables since they have been mentioned quite a bit, and I recently noticed bambino's are distributed from the U.S. so shipping wouldn't be insane, I've also heard they're discrete to an extent!

    @RMS401, from the way you describe it, the tena stretch super sounds pretty neat, so that's definitely going onto my "diaper backlog"!

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