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    I have been wearing these diapers now for a few months and, while it took a while to get used to them, I really like them. I feel more secure about having accidents at night and knowing they won't leak now that I have learned how to put the tapes on properly. I love being able to sleep through the night without worrying about waking up several times to use the bathroom or wet the bed.

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    Yep they are good and I find they breathe well too.

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    i use them when i travel. can't always find a room to change and they do a great job and i don't have to deal with my cloth diaper on a trip. oh i add a boost so i can make 8 to 10 hours. i tend to drink alot when i travel

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    where can a buy this.. i wanna try it!!!!

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    Wellness is a great diaper to "fill-up"! I have a problem with coverage on the cheek... and laying down they tend to leak. I had ordered large, as per the sizing chart. WRONG! I wish they were Mediums... I have half of the case to go before I re-order (the price was right). I will only get a single pack this time. I do prefer the Abri M4 as my night time security.

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    They used to be one of my go to diapers until they redid them. Their original wellness diaper used to be amazing too until they added pinhole leaks. If they wouldn't have fooled around with them, they would get a lot more customers.

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    wow im surprised by the negative comments. yes the plastic seems a little light but never had any trouble with them since i never tried the original ones so i can't compare them. i was just on a trip to Texas never had any problems and that was after 1 hour on the tarmac and a 3 plus hour flight. i think any of the plastic disposable diaper have their problem with the plastic being a girl and wear dresses only im not as rough on them im sure if i have to stuff them in a pair of pants i would think different. my first choice is cloth anyway and good plastic pants.

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    I agree 2yearold I have found the superios to be one of the best diapers out there with a good booster even better they fit me perfectly and I have never had one leak even when pushed to the limit the old green wellness briefs however were rubbish pin hole leaks etc

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