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    Well, I have a major dilemma. I purchased some nappies on ebay and they have been aranged to be delivered tomorrow, and I thought that was great as I would be at school, nobody would be in house so Royal Mail would leave a slip through the post and I would arrange collection from my local post office 2 days later (Saturday)

    Anyways, my father just rang, saying that he has finished his work (he works away) and is on his way back .What can I do in this situation?


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    Well, do you normally get packages? If this is like the first time you've ever gotten a package, then I'd think up some excuse, because I'm not sure what you really can do. I'm not entirely sure how the UK mail system works, so I'm not much help. If there isn't anyway to stop or intercept the slip, then just hope and pray for a miracle, and have an excuse ready.

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    i often do get mail (computer stuff) but he will know that it isn't for pc or laptop as I told him only Sunday that everything was fine with them (ready to sell)

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