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Thread: Diaper sagging

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    Default Diaper sagging

    Just thought I'd share my love of a saggy diaper. My wife giggles when i walk around in sweat pants and she can see my saggy diaper. I've been in a wet diaper for about a hour now.

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    i usually dont pay attention to my diaper when its sagging, i'm usually sitting most of the time while im wearing. but i do notice it sometimes and its fun

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    I love wearing a bulging or saggy nappy that can be noticed by others. My wife will tell me if I need to change otherwise I wouldn't bother until I was starting to leak.

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    I LOVE the idea of a saggy diaper :3 How it swings between the legs, "slapping" against your legs... mmmh, so hot

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    I LOVE thick bulky diapers (in 7 diapers as my nite diapers here at the moment). While I like saggy diapers for a bit, they're no fun while walking as they'll chafe you and obviously quickly lose their effectiveness so when I start to get a major sag on, that is when I'll change.

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    Me too i like having a wet diaper, i am semi paranoid bout someone saying something when super soggy. But to me when my diaper is full or super full (wet and messy) makes me feel like i am a baby (which i am and how i see myself as a 18 month old infant to 2 yr old toddler) but i have to wear diapers.

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    I may be someone whose just different, but I don't really like saggy diapers. I like my diapers dry because I like the snuggly feeling of it. When it gets wet and saggy, I just loose the snuggliness and the comfort. I just usually pull my diaper up and try to keep it up.

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    Celestial meet Onesie , Onesies meet Celestial. Designed to support a wet diaper and prevent sagging ,they will extend your diapers usefully life and therefor extend your enjoyment.

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    I like a good saggy diaper lol, the other day I was wearing an adult diaper and it was very wet and I enjoyed it a lot lol

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    I get a case of the saggy diapers quite often.

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