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    i just saw them live in consert yesterday night. it was AMAZING!!! they were so good. it was a 3 hour show, 2 of which were to foo fighters. the other hour were openings. the first band was bad and i never even cought their name. the second band was the flying cunts of chaos, and they were so funny. it had the singer from system of the down, and they were really good. then the foo fighters came out and started with their song "let it die" which was awsom. they played some more songs, and it was all great. then, near the end of the show, a stage lowered from the ceiling onto the middle of the floor, and they crossed the catwalk and went onto the new stage. then they played some of their best songs. they also had a profesional violinist, pianist, and triangle player come out to play with them. it was such a great show.

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    lead singer= serj tankian he is beast. My friend just went she said it was sick. Were you at MSG in New York?

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    ahhhh wrong band serj is single now but he used to be a member of system of a down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    lead singer= serj tankian he is beast. My friend just went she said it was sick. Were you at MSG in New York?


    Try Dave Grohl.

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    Foo Fighters... would be nice to see them sometime. Listening to Learn to Fly as I type this, actually.

    Serj Tankian is System of A Down... not Foo Fighters.

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    i never listened to them much till I was made to go see them at T on the Fringe. Now I listen to them practically everyday in the car

    the best band i've seen live was Hellogoodbye (supported by gO:AUdio and Sherwood)... either that or the Killers @ TITP.

    just to get a little more out of this, and cos i'm nosey =P what's the best live performance you've seen from a band/artist? ^^,

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    i saw them at the allstate arena near chicago.

    and Serj Tankian was singing for the band "the flying cunts of chaos", which is his temporary band while system of the down isn't playing, and he opened for the foo fighters.

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