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Thread: scared baby bear needs a big hug

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    Default scared baby bear needs a big hug

    Wearing diapers and not just not thinking about wearing them is all new to me so not sure how to feel or what to say at this point.
    When I put my diapers on I jus feel safe and warm and cuddly. I feel "normal " if that's the right word t use. I feel more like me. I have always talked and acted like a baby and hated doing the grown up things my entire life but recently I wanted to wear diapers and have my own binkie and I don't care who knows it. I wear nothing but diapers at home and even wear them when I go out and walk my dog. they feel great.
    the first thing I notice when I put on my bear print actual diapers and not the depends from wal mart is that I get the urge to pee pee and if I don't give in to peeing in to peeing in my diaper I start leaking a little here and a little there. it just comes naturally and I can't stop it. I haven't done that since I was a baby.
    is this ok to just let it go and go ahead and soak my diaper ? I don't want my partner to think any different of me. He is my Daddy Bear and supports his baby bear in every way. just not sure at this point.

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    Just let it flow if it makes you feel good.

    When I'm feeling under the weather, I'll drink a few cups of water and hold it until I can't and let it start flowing, afterwards I feel much better.

    If you're partner really does support you, I don't think he should have any other feelings if you do/don't wet, unless he's said he doesn't like it before. If he doesn't like it, I would talk to him about how you feel when you do wet and how you feel when you can't wet. See if you two can find a point to where you can and can't wet.

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    not sure how i'd feel if I did let it flow. it sorta just wants to come out on it's own as soon as I put my diaper on. I get the feeling that it's something that's natural for me and really what is meant to happen. does that make sense ?

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    Donít worry you are doing great. Diapers are made for pee pee. So as the song goes let it go, let it go.

    And pacifiers are made to be sucked because it's stress relief for us

    Enjoy be a baby again it is the best.

    Just the shame that we have to pretend to be adults.

    Hee, hee

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