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Thread: Multiple Language Speakers

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    Default Multiple Language Speakers

    Does any else here speak another language?
    I am currently working towards increasing my fluency in Spanish by taking college level Spanish classes. I also know a few words and phrases in German, Swiss German, and Finnish.

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    I'd survive if I had to live in a Spanish-speaking country, since I live around so many people who speak it (due to my close vicinity to Mexico). I'm taking German and am considering taking the AP for it next year, but I'm worried about how I'll fare when I go to Deutschland this summer!

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    I speak a fluent English, a fair French and I'm learning German right now.

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    I speak English and Aussie.

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    Well, yeah. English. It's not everybody's first language you know

    I'm fluent in Swedish (no shit?), and know a small amount of French and Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    but I'm worried about how I'll fare when I go to Deutschland this summer!
    You'll know when the flight attendent on your flight will explain to you that you will not receive any more alcohol on the flight in German, and you don't understand a single word

    As for me, I speak:
    German (native)
    English (fluent)
    Latin (I don't speak it, but I can translate it)
    French, Russian (have forgotten most of it by now)
    plus some basic phrases in Dutch and Italian

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    English - native
    Spanish - Basic phrases and know a few songs
    German - learning, know alot of songs
    French - know a few songs
    Japanese - know a few songs and some words
    Hebrew - know a few songs
    Swedish - know a few songs

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    English - native
    German - reasonable but with small vocabulary
    French - was ok at, but I've forgotten most of it

    I am a linguisitcs geek. I have books for about 20 different languages. Although I can't really speak any of them I know bits about them all which means I have a wide knoweldge base even if I don't know much of any particular language. I can't speak the languages, but I can speak about them for ages.

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    My primary languages are English and Geek.

    At one point in my life, I was fluent in Russian (with a pocket dictionary for those odd occasional words).

    I know enough Spanish to converse a little bit; I had that experience when coming back from a conference (Acapulco) and the guy next to me spilled his sparkling water all over me.

    I'm trying to learn a bit of Dutch (obviously) and I know just enough Chinese to be ... interesting.

    My position is that it's important to know the language before you go somewhere, and I want to go to a lot of places. One down, many more to go.

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