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    Default Abu cloth back diaper

    Hello everyone!!
    I was wondering if someone knows the cheapest way to get the Abu kushies( dont remember how to spell that) the cloth back ones shipped to Europe, Switzerland to be more precise.

    I want to get the cloth back ones cause the other ones are way to loud for my taste.

    Thanks in advance

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    ABU has released a new version of the plastic cushies that are the quietest plastic diaper you ever tried. I recommend trying those - order from

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    you might also want to wait a bit, iirc ABU is going to have a rev 2 cloth like cushies sometime in the near future. Right now they're still the original design which wasn't nearly as good.

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    Ohhh man, join the queue! I wrote Nappies R Us about this. Apparently Abu are moving factory but they expect to have v2 fabric in the not-too-distant future. I am all kinds of excited!

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    Yeah, I know I like AB looking diapers and plastic ones are old if I'm alone but when my wife is around or we are sleeping, I found them soooo noisy. She know I wear so that's not a problem is just, it kinda bothers me actually (how noisy I can get when I walk)
    So I'm looking forward for cloth back abdl diapers

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    I'm a big fan of the cloth-backed Cushies, and look forward to more news about a "v2". My number-one hope would be stretchy sides. Bambino has done it, though with a two-tape design that doesn't really appeal to me. It would be great to see a single-tape answer from ABU. If done right--stretchy sides as opposed to simply stretchy tapes--I expect it would also really help with fit. The static fit of the v1 diapers (and the SDKs) seems to be really hit-or-miss. I get a nice, secure fit with them, but others aren't so lucky.

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    I have the cloth backed cushies, v1 of course. I'm in love with them, mostly because it's my first premium abdl diaper, but, as well they are quiet. I wore twice outside, almost caught because it stunk bad since I didn't want to change. But I'm not always able to get mine on exactly how I want them to feel. I don't like the one tape design, though it being refastenable is the main reason I chose those. I've been pulling mine as tight as I can get them the last few times, which I think I like better. Also I'm in between sizes, I should have gotten a sample pack first, maby the large size would be better, since they don't actually close completely around my legs.

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