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    Default Cracked article

    Cracked just came out with an article about the AB/DL community (Mostly the AB side) and interviewed some people who are a part of it. Just thought it deserved posting here.

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    you should read the responses those are funny (well some of them are)

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    Not as many negative comments, more people are just like it's not my thing but I respect that's it's someone else's

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    Doesn't seem that bad. Considering we live on the fringe, not bad.

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    I mean, the comments kinda sum it up..."I could have lived out my life being blissfully unaware of this fetish"..."There was a camgirl who dressed up like a clown while a puppet jizzed blood on her face. I'm not gonna freak out over a diaper."..."People do some weird things they enjoy, without hurting others. Why would I care?"'s the most I could hope for from the general population

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    Reading through the comments, you can find some hate comments as you could anywhere else. At the moment I would say it's about 25% hate, 25% of not caring, 25% of finding it acceptable and 25% whom are actually AB/DL.

    It was a pretty nice article overall. I am actually surprised to a certain extent since articles about being trans generally get more hate. For some reason I would have expected the opposite.
    Being transgender and AB/DL, likely two of the most hated groups on the face of the earth (Not counting criminals), is always sort of an odd feeling. I am just sort of glad being able to hide one of them is loads easier than the other ... >.> says the person who failed at hiding it from all my family members XD.

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    It's not unsurprising that there are going to be hateful comments on an article about something like this. But it's nice to see that a good amount of people are accepting or at the least don't care. AB/DL doesn't seem like something too difficult to conflate with worse things.

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    That one response to the article claiming that Furry being weirder than AB/DL is a load of shite. Coming from someone that has extensive knowledge of both.

    Interesting article, though, it wasn't completely bias/prejudice even though they did mostly focus on the sexual aspects of it, which is not in the least bit surprising.

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    I read Cracked semi-reguarly, and after reading past articles on BDSM, Furry Porn, Fire Play, and Vore, I suspected that an ABDL article was coming up, and low and behold. Here it is. Cracked articles generally tend to be good and be respectful of whatever they're interviewing, so I was definitely pleased with this article. The comments were pretty much what I was expecting. A couple hate comments (Yeah, I hate those, but those responses aren't surprising), and there were a lot of "Not my thing, but whatever. Do whatever you want" comments, which I really like and appreciate. I was tempted to comment and give another ABDL voice, but considering how I use a different non-ABDL user name on Cracked, nope.

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