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Thread: ABU Cushies vs Littlepawz

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    Default ABU Cushies vs Littlepawz

    Have searched this online and here as well as ABU's site but can't find a comparison.

    Bought ABU Cushies (older, not 2nd version) before and am now considering buying their Littlepawz.

    What, aside from print, are there differences? I understand the double vs single tape and claimed higher absorbency. Is the plastic backing the same (aside from print)? What about the leg gathers?

    As none of these are cheap, I would love to know other's experience before placing an order.

    Anyone tried both?

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    The Littlepawz are superior in almost every way, except for price, of course. The Premium line (i.e. Littlepawz, Space, and Simple) has significantly more absorbency, and personally I believe the double tape system fits better than single tapes. Also, in my experience, the Premium line is a lot more comfortable. When you're laying down, say, other than the bulk, you might forget you're even wearing it. Honestly, because the price isn't much more, I would go with Littlepawz. Have fun!

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    To reiterate what 417 said: I've tried both and personally prefer the littlepawz/space. They fit better that the single tape cushies, especially having a bigger waist (40").
    I can't seem to get the right fit with cushies, regardless of how i position the tapes.

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