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Thread: Happy Little Pride Day!

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    Wink Happy Little Pride Day!

    So I'm not sure if this thing is official, I saw a post last year on Instagram saying the 23rd of April is Little Pride Day and well a year later I remembered, as it is also St. George's Day here in England. What are we all up to today to celebrate? I for one have just ordered a convert-a-nappy or ConvertUp so I can still buy baby diapers and later I will be wearing some adult diapers.

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    I don't recall hearing anything about this, but I'm all for it. A day dedicated to us and our pastime, count me in, lol. I have work early tomorrow morning and am pretty pooped from last night so I probably won't be doing too much today though.

    I did spend most of last night in an Abena X-Plus, switched to an ABU Space to sleep in, and then spent a good bit of this morning in an ABU Space. I don't wear too often anymore and I had the house to myself so it was really quite enjoyable. Plus I LOVE the new ABU Space diapers (I really wanna get some of the Little Pawz) so it was a nice treat to be able to use one.

    I remember seeing the posts on here about the convert-a-nappy and they seem pretty cool. I like baby diapers, but overall I probably prefer the more natural fit and usability of premiums. Still, I'm curious as to how well the convert-a-nappy will work. Be sure to let us know after you get a chance to try it out and enjoy this unofficial Little Pride Day if it there is such a day.

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    That day sounds neat, I hope everyone has a Happy little pride day, oh and by the way, I tried the Abu little Pawz and I loved them

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    It is pouring rain/snow here ... gross so a stay indoors day. Also have the tail end of a migraine (please go away so I don't end in the hospital again) so cant move around a lot. So its a binky, bottle of juice, snuggles overnight (love but they are a quite to big ... so massive diaper butt and only my jammies fit over), footed jammies, colouring and I've watched all my taped arthurs, holes and trying to think of what movie next ....

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    i saw this on Tumber.

    I can imagine a little pride day march, with everyone sucking there pacifiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post

    i saw this on Tumber.

    I can imagine a little pride day march, with everyone sucking there pacifiers.

    And waddling

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    Aw! You beat me to it! Happy Littles Pride Day! Heard of this a while back.

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    Now I am really sad I am all out of supplies

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