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Thread: Feral Neighbours

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    I have new neighbours who are feral in every way possible. They scream like banshees at each other all the time, seriously I'm just waiting for one of them to slaughter the other. They play persistent thumping music day and night turning my place into an extension of their sub woofer, and to top it off they have yapping dog that barks constantly. Honestly I've had enough. It's distressing me heaps. My adult self is angry and hyper tense, and my little self is majorly upset. I'm just really struggling ATM. I'm all out of balance and becoming depressed. I have asked them to turn down their music when it's like midnight but doing this upsets me so much I can't sleep anyway. I'm so sorry for the rant but I just needed to write this down. Does anyone have any advice. I just don't want to do anything that would make it worse.

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    When we moved into my house in 2002 we didn't know about what kind of neighbors next door we were getting - criminal types. When the kids were younger, they'd mess with our mailbox; broke into a garage, stole my go-kart and abandoned it over a hill; and egged our house so bad part of the siding needed replaced. We had no proof but of course it was them. They're still a bunch of no-good druggie types who let their dog wander around the neighborhood; my dog might have attacked it the other day when it was in my yard had I not been able to brace myself (holding her leash) against a tree. The family was fighting loudly the other day - obviously they don't care if they air their dirty laundry outside for everyone to hear - and eventually the police showed up.

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    Ozbub, the worst thing you can do is to get personally involved. I'm not sure what police are like Down Under, but if they're anything like those in Greater London, ring them. Let them sort it out. It takes a little longer, of course, but eventually your neighbors should get the message.

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    I'm just worried if I call the cops, that everything will get more miserable. Should I involve other neighbours, surely I'm not the only one suffering.

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    Yeah, what sbmccue said. In most civilized places you can get the police to go have a talk with them. Anti-noise ordinances, etc. Its in everybody's best interest that the neighborhood not turn into a hellhole. Property values and all that.

    I don't like calling police over something like that, but I have now and then. You've been nice about it without result....

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    Although just because the cops can have a talk with them doesn't mean they'll change their ways... I called the humane society on them about the dogs a number of years ago. He had a talk with them. I wanted them to take the damn things. The boxer still runs loose. It seems in most cases you either have to deal with them or move if you can...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    I'm just worried if I call the cops, that everything will get more miserable. Should I involve other neighbours, surely I'm not the only one suffering.
    That could work as well if they're willing. Of course the new neighbors may just be congenital turds and you'll have to go all ninja on them some night after they've passed out. (jk)

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    I admit Maxx has the better of the argument. I like his 'go ninja' solution best.

    Involving other neighbors depends on ... well, the other neighbors. If they sleep through tornados, have kids or animals running wild and their grass is several feet high, you may have a tough time convincing them to act in concert with you to turn down the volume on the folks next door.

    I have to admit, guys: I quite enjoy living in a retirement community, even though I'm not retired and won't be for another 15 years or so. My next-door neighbor is 102 and doesn't make much noise.

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    Thanks guys, they did eventually turn it down and I got some sleep. But they'll be up again soon and the suns out so they'll start thumping again. Think I'll take my girl out today far away from the ferals. My neighbourhood used to be so nice and peaceful. Don't get me wrong, I love my music, but I don't pump it so loud that my neighbours have to hear it. Hahaha even the dogs quiet. But then I could have woken in a delusional state

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    Calling the police might be the next best thing. I am in the US but other places probably do something similar. If I call the police on a problem, they will come out but keep your name out of the conversation. For noise, the police can say they were just roaming the area and heard the noise, they don't have to mention your name.

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